• What’s Your ROI? Bridging the Gap Between Marketing and Patient Acquisition

    Marketers outside of healthcare have long been able to track the results of their marketing efforts down to market segments and actual customers. HIPAA regulations and security concerns have prevented healthcare marketers from using those same tools and tactics. That has now changed, and this webinar will share details on how medical practices can use data-backed marketing strategies to grow their practice.

    The presentation will meet the following learning objectives:
    • Attract high-value patients with your marketing.
    • Track the value of every marketing dollar spent and calculate ROI and PAC (patient acquisition cost).
    • Recognize how reputation marketing, targeted ads, and patient tracking lead to practice growth.


    Ty Allen

    Ty Allen is the CEO and Co-Founder at SocialClimb. Ty’s experience as a patient with a spinal cord injury and long recovery in 2014 caused him to found SocialClimb to help patients and doctors better connect in the quickly evolving healthcare marketing place.

    SocialClimb is Ty’s fourth successful business in the marketing and technology space. He is passionate about building systems that actually grow practices and improve patient experiences. SocialClimb enables thousands of physicians to automatically attract new patients to their practices by building their online social reputations and automatically targeting ideal new patients. Delivering more than 1 million patient/customer interactions every month, SocialClimb helps practices transform themselves inside and out.


    Speaker Presentation:   What’s Your ROI? Bridging the Gap Between Marketing and Patient Acquisition

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