• Meet the Speaker: Susan Childs, FACMPE, Evolution Healthcare Consulting

    Susan Childs, FACMPE is the Founder of Evolution Healthcare and Board-Certified Fellow. Her trusted professionalism and proven approaches help practices create a conscious professionalism that invites self-awareness and encourage high performance teams. Her experiences cover operations, personnel, front desk collections, communication/customer service workshops, revenue cycle, new practice set up, and physician wellness.

    In her AAOE 2020 Annual Conference session, “Protect Your Practice! Deductibles are High and Cash is Short! Keep Safe from Fraud and Embezzlement!” Childs and her co-presenter AAOE member Michael Brohawn, FACMPE, Practice Administrator at Orthopaedics East & Sports Medicine, Inc., will provide strategies to ensure that every cent that enters and leaves your practice is appropriately confirmed, applied, and balanced by the appropriate staff members. Is it time to tighten controls and reduce the opportunity to embezzle? Learn how to analyze every level of care to identify “high risk” areas within your practice – and not just financial! Childs and Brohawn will share real life examples and experiences of embezzlement, inventory theft, and fraud. Distinguish improved financial policies, inventory controls, access issues, and daily “check and balance” procedures that can protect your practice.

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