• How the M&M's Can be Your Lifesavers

    Video Length: 7:19

    No, not those sweet treats, the M&M’s of positive and effective communication! You spell-check and grammar check your emails, right? Even in text messages, you constantly search for the best words to deliver the message. But are you as careful with the phrases you say aloud and to yourself? What if the conversations we have with ourselves are the reason good things don’t happen? What if what you are saying is the culprit to negative feelings? Join Vernon Brown in this fun and light approach about using grammar to impact your mind and body, positively.

    About the Speaker:

    Vernon Brown struggled the first 20 years of his life trying to make sense of where he belonged. He came from an abusive and drug-ridden household. Brown worked as a model, an actor in NY, and as a personal trainer for many years. However, that was not fulfilling for the change he wanted to see in people. That is when he created What’s Your Happi? Happiness coaching. For the past five years, he has studied and coached hundreds of men and women on finding and sustaining their true HAPPIness.

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