• How Augmented Intelligence Solves the ​ Prior Authorization Revenue Bottleneck and Staffing Shortages for Orthopedic Practices​

    Staffing for patient access is an ongoing challenge for many orthopedic practices. According to the American Medical Association (AMA), ninety-four percent of physicians say that the current archaic prior authorization processes result in patient care delays. Two out of five physicians have staff who focus exclusively on prior authorizations. In the prior authorization workflow, breakdowns are the root cause of revenue leakage for orthopedic practices, resulting in preventable write-offs.

    We hear a lot about artificial intelligence these days, but what does that mean for solving our most frustrating problems like reducing manual, time-consuming, repetitive tasks from the prior authorization workflow? Today, there are tech-enabled service solutions that optimize the patient access workflow around prior authorizations, eligibility and verification, and patient pay estimations to ensure that patients get the timely care they deserve without negatively affecting your bottom line. Learn how to keep your revenue cycle performing optimally, despite current staffing shortages that you may be experiencing from the pandemic.

    Converting partial electronic prior authorizations to fully electronic presents the largest per transaction savings opportunity for orthopedic practices. Taking advantage of advanced technology coupled with human intelligence will help make the process more efficient, and enable your organization to ease prior authorization demands for both patients and providers, while enhancing timely care, patient satisfaction, and reducing overhead costs.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Discuss how an augmented intelligence patient access solution provides your orthopedic practice with complete end-to-end coverage to increase efficiencies
    • Recognize how leveraging technology plus specialists will streamline your workflow and speed up your prior authorization approvals to reduce your denials and increase your bottom-line
    • Create a technology-driven approach to managing staffing shortages to improve patient care and your overall revenue cycle


    Aakarsh Sethi, Sr. Product Manager

    Aakarsh Sethi is a Sr. Product Manager at Infinx Healthcare. He is responsible for driving and executing product strategy for Infinx’s Patient Access products, including Infinx’s Prior Authorization Software, Eligibility Verification & Benefits, and Clinical Decision Support Mechanism Solutions.

    Aakarsh has successfully delivered and managed multiple products and specializes in building V1 products. Understanding user needs and building products to serve them is his passion. He is an ardent advocate of utilizing automation and machine learning to solve current healthcare industry problems.

    Aakarsh graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Technology Management. He enjoys playing tennis and represented UIUC’s traveling team.

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