• GOAL GET 'EM! An Intensely Fun Goal Setting Session

    Video Length: 46:40

    It’s time to goal for your dreams – in business and in life. You will yell Kan-YAY as you rap the karaoke parody of Kanye West’s Gold Digger – GOAL DIGGER. Then you’ll cheer on fellow audience members who go for the “goal-d” as they compete in GOALympics. Of course, this presentation isn’t all fun and games; it just feels like it! Watch this session from AAOE’s 2019 Annual Conference to learn how to make your dreams come true using Linley+Lauren’s unique goal-getting process! Registration is open now for AAOE’s 2020 Annual Conference in San Diego! Learn more at aaoe.net/2020AnnualConference

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