• Best practice to consider for hiring Administrative Leaders

    The goal of AAOE & AOC’s National On-Demand Digital Curriculum is to provide the critical information and skills needed for residents, fellows, and new faculty to be better prepared for job search and the business of orthopaedics.  With over 30 presentations delivered by true national subject matter experts spanning academic practice, private practice, healthcare law, and healthcare leadership development firms, the 25-45 minute video modules provide a permanent source of tools to strengthen context that translates into better prepared, more confident hires that hit the ground running. This content also alleviates the need for academic training programs to provide this content and this can also be used to satisfy ACGME requirements.

    This multi-part curriculum will have a new module launching monthly from November 2020 through June 2021. At the completion of each module, participants will be able to receive a certificate.

    This video is part of Module 8, “Leadership Development & Human Resources” The other videos in Module 8 are:

    Communication and Conflict Resolution

    Performance Management – What to expect of your clinic staff and how to manage that performance

    Know your leadership Deficits and how to close those gaps

    Becoming a great boss to your staff and a trusted partner to your colleagues

    Culture and Engagement

    Employee Performance, Compensation, and Benefits

    Meet the speaker:

    Olivia Wolf 

    Olivia is the Administrator for Alaska Shoulder & Orthopaedic Institute in Anchorage, Alaska. After 20+ years in a variety of executive healthcare settings, and being mentored into Practice Administration, she returned to school in the fall of 2018 and recently graduated with honors with her Bachelor’s degree in Leadership Sciences from Creighton University. She will continue her education with Creighton’s Executive Healthcare MBA in the fall of 2021. Olivia has 8 years’ experience in Orthopaedic Administration, with 10+ years of GI/Internal Medicine previous to Ortho. Olivia currently sits on the AAOE Board of Directors, served for a number of years as Chair of the DABC with AAOE and remains on the DABS as a Member at Large. 

    Download Speaker PowerPoint: Best practice to consider for hiring Administrative Leaders





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