• 2020 Session Spotlight: Mastering the Art of Providing an Exceptional Patient Experience

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    About the Session:

    Consumers of healthcare are making more direct care decisions than ever before! And with value-based reimbursement tied to the perception of care, providers must respond with greater transparency and customer focus. Most physician groups and health systems underperform in the delivery of patient experience and provider engagement. Optimizing the patient experience results in better care, reduced costs, and increased loyalty. This session explores the hard facts about patient experience, why it matters, and how physician groups and orthopedic specialists can get intentional about crafting exceptional patient experiences while enhancing provider engagement by looking through the lens of the healthcare consumer.

    About the Speaker:

    Robert Moss has over 28 years of demonstrated experience in developing innovative approaches to business growth, strategic planning, and operational excellence. His experience includes assisting healthcare organizations and academic medical centers in developing and achieving long range strategic plans, growth objectives, and key initiatives. He is also the author of “Reengineering the Patient Experience Through Standardization” in Becker’s Hospital Review, August 2013. He has helped numerous healthcare organizations re-think their operational platform to address the needs and preferences of healthcare consumers and achieve organizational goals including growth and increased patient and provider satisfaction.

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